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Sex & the Cycle

a workshop for your feeling body

Explore your embodied relationship with desire, pleasure, and intimacy through the lens of your menstrual cycle and its energetic rhythms. Our non-touch-based, fully clothed approach uses body-based mindfulness and yoga therapy approaches to enrich your relationship with your natural sexual and energetic cycles. This evening workshop will be co-facilitated by Anna Mayer, MA, R-DMT, sex and relationship specialist, and Cynthia St. Clair, MA, LPC, R-DMT, RYT, women's hormonal cycle specialist.


In our time together, you’ll get:


  • An overview of hormonal phases and their common energetic signatures

  • An overview of sexual response phases and their relationship to your hormonal cycle

  • Embodied exploration of each phase, using facilitated movement, visualization, and discussion

  • Integration of your takeaways and deepened relationship to your sexual and energetic cycle


But I don’t bleed – is this workshop for me?


We welcome anyone who self-identifies as a woman, and/or anyone whose body experiences menstrual cycles. We will be covering information about the menstrual cycle as well as moon and seasonal cycles that are reflected in our inner lives – if you do not have a present menstrual cycle, know that we will be exploring the energetic qualities associated with each hormonal phase, which will be relevant to your life.




Date & time: 

August 3rd, 5-7pm, Westminster CO



Embodied Relationships Counseling Center

8774 Yates Drive, Suite 305A, Westminster CO 

Suggested donation: 

$28, payable here


Register to reserve your space:

Contact Anna at or 248-462-4484, or Cynthia at or 718-974-6645

Prepayment is suggested to reserve your space, payable here. Please let us know if you need to make other payment arrangements.


About your facilitators:

Anna Mayer, MA, R-DMT has dedicated her work to supporting couples and individuals to deepen their sexual and relational intimacy through embodiment. To help her clients move toward more authentic, joyful relating, she draws from her Master’s-level training in Somatic Counseling Psychology, with a focus on Dance/Movement Therapy, as well as her training in Concentric Sex Therapy and adult clinical mental health. Her open-minded, sex-positive, and nonjudgmental therapeutic approach uses a blend of somatic, contemplative, person-centered and sexology theories to support her clients’ growth. She is passionate about supporting people to find healing in all forms of relationships, including polyamorous and LGBTQIA relationships. 

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Cynthia St. Clair, LPC, R-DMT, RYT, women’s mental health specialist, and creator of Wild Moon Integrative Therapies, is committed to educating women about their bodies, minds, and menstrual cycles. Cynthia earned her master’s degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and has studied with renowned experts in the women's psychology and health fields. Her goal is for every woman to understand and value her innate cyclical nature and to learn how to optimally support her own unique system. More than anything, Cynthia values developing a deep therapeutic relationship with clients that can support deep transformation over time, by integrating a number of therapeutic modalities, such as Lifestyle Counseling, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Somatic Trauma Healing, Matrilineal Lineage work, and Jungian Dream analysis in service of each individual’s healing journey. For more information or to schedule a session go to:

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