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I believe that awakened, empowered people are crucial to this world's healing. 

I know from my own path to wellness, through my own struggles with anxiety, trauma, disconnect, and shame, that you do have the capacity for joy, for deep connection, for inner strength, for resilience – it's already within you – and with guidance, you will blossom.

I trust you, the client, to grow toward the sunlight. I believe in your capacity for healing, and I see my job as helping you 'clean the windows' so you can find your way toward the light. I hold the knowledge of your worthiness so that you don't have to believe it (...yet).


I believe in you, for you.

In my own life, I have weathered storms of many shapes and sizes, including anxiety, addiction, relationship chaos, and trauma. Through a path of embodied movement, dedicated self-care, and the help of some very skilled guides, I began to heal in ways I never imagined possible. I experienced my own resilience. As I continue on the spiral path of growth, I am honored to serve others as I have been served, and to connect you with your own brilliant resilience

Our bodies' deep wisdom can give us answers the mind alone cannot provide.


I hold a Master's degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology, with a concentration in Dance/Movement Therapy. The body in movement is my native language. Sometimes that can look like physical movement (in all sizes and forms), and sometimes it looks like simple awareness of physical sensations while we sit and talk – it all depends on what would best serve you and your growth. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, in addition to training in body-based therapy, I have a variety of training in other approaches designed to support your holistic healing – this includes Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), intimacy and sexuality therapies, and somatic trauma training. You can learn more about me and my background here. 

When we tap into the deep well of our bodies’ wisdom, we hold the key to our own truth, joy, and wholeness. 

That's why I hope you get in touch with me to see if I am the guide for you.  Let me know the biggest obstacle to your growth, and what you're hoping for in your healing, by sending me a message when you schedule a free consultation today.

Your message has been sent! Thank you for taking this step toward your growth.

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