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  • Anna Mayer, MA, R-DMT

Dear clients, my wishes for you...

It seems the air is full of intentions, goals, hopes, and resolutions for this year. Some of these seeds planted now will grow and flourish, while others will be forgotten, eclipsed by the busy-ness of daily life and the sheer difficulty of getting through each day, let alone making major changes in our lives.

So instead of talking to you about how to set goals, or build habits, or even stick to your resolutions, I simply want to offer my wishes for you – you, my clients, those I haven't seen in years, those who are exploring with me now, and those I haven't met yet.

These are my wishes for you, as you move forward into this year (and the next, and the one after, too.)

dandelion silhouette, seeds blowing away

I wish you peace, and freedom from pain and suffering.

I wish you deep healing from the scars of your past.

I wish for your safety, both from the world outside and from the dangers within your own mind.

I wish you clarity of mind, heart, and spirit.

I wish for your health – may your body feel vibrant, may it be a safe place for you to reside.

I wish you restful sleep.

I wish you nourishing food.

I wish you time outside, in nature, breathing in the sky and feeling your roots.

I wish for you a chance to slow down, to rest, to notice the beauty around you.

I wish you freedom from fear and worry.

I wish you a sense of joy and fun as you move through this world.

I wish for you to feel supported.

I wish you love, and for the removal of any obstacles to your receiving and expressing love.

I wish you self-love – may you feel as much love for yourself as for your partner, children, friends, and family.

I wish for you to feel seen and understood, just as you are.

I wish you the knowledge that you are already whole and brilliant in your inner wisdom.

I wish for you to know how strong you are.

I wish for you to find your voice, and for your ability to speak your truth.

I wish you the courage to feel your feelings – all of them – and the strength to move through them.

I wish you kindness and forgiveness – for others, from others, and above all for yourself.

I wish you to know, beyond a doubt, that you are loved.

May you be held, may you heal, and may you become whole.

Much love,


Anna Mayer, MA, R-DMT, is a body-based counselor and dance/movement therapist based in Boulder, CO. She offers individual sessions, embodied couples therapy, and dance/movement DBT skills.

If you're interested in working with me towards your own growth and healing, contact me here to schedule a no-charge, 20-minute consultation.


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