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Online Support Group for Couples

Staying at Home (together)

In Colorado, while we are under a stay at home order, many couples have found themselves home together... a lot. Whether you are both suddenly working from home, or one or both of you have been temporarily laid off (and are dealing with the stress of reduced income and a drastic shift in your day-to-day routine), it can be challenging to be sharing the same space as your partner 24/7.

It's not that you don't love your partner, you do – it's just a big adjustment, with its own unique challenges and gifts (yes, there are gifts to this situation). So, as a Somatic Sex Therapist and specialist in couples counseling and relationship therapy, I'm offering this donation-based virtual relationship support group for both couples and individuals as a space to come together with me and other people who are learning to navigate this unfamiliar way of living and loving.

What you'll get:

  • A chance to set aside your text messages, your work emails, and your kids (maybe this gets to be their special time for a fun activity too), and connect together with other adults

  • Dedicated time to share about your challenges and discoveries (what's working well for you two?) as you shelter in place together

  • Encouragement and ideas from others in a similar situation as the two of you

  • Valuable feedback and tips from me around navigating space, making time for togetherness, calming your nervous systems, and more

  • Grounding and centering mindfulness practices the two of you can do alone or together during this stressful and uncertain time

  • A healthy ritual the two of you can share together – think of it like a couples retreat happy hour ;)

While this group is not meant to replace couples counseling or individual therapy, my hope is that it can be a way to gather with other adults (especially for those of you with kids who are now home all day), share your challenges and discoveries with each other, and learn a skill or spark an idea through brief guided support and teaching from me, as a trained professional. In my work as a therapist, I am dedicated to supporting couples and individuals to deepen their intimacy and personal fulfillment through embodiment. My greatest wish for your relationship during this time is that you not only survive it, but discover the gifts and growth opportunities that are hidden within this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in.


This support group is for you if:

  • You want support around navigating your primary love relationship – whether you're showing up as a couple or by yourself 

  • Your partner cannot join in the group, but you'd like the support of others in a similar situation

  • You're a couple that already lived together, and are now both working from home for the first time

  • You're in a romantic relationship and you're suddenly living together full-time

  • One or both of you is either temporarily unemployed or working with very reduced hours

  • You're poly, mono, queer, straight, trans, cis or anything around and in between – all love relationships are welcome

  • You want practical tools to help stay calm and grounded with your partner (instead of feeling annoyed by their constant presence)

  • You want to learn to make the most of this new version of coupledom, and grow (together) from this experience


We will be meeting for an hour in the evenings, twice weekly.  You are highly encouraged to come to all of the groups if you can, and if you cannot make a group, just let me know and we will record it for you. Preregistration is required, as the groups will only run if we have 3 or more couples/couple representatives signed up to attend.


At this time, dependent on the group need, we will have 4 groups total at the following times:

Saturday, April 4, 7-8pm

Monday, April 6, 7-8pm

Friday, April 10, 7-8pm

Tuesday, April 14, 7-8pm

All groups will take place on Zoom, which you've likely already experienced on work calls or other online offerings during shelter in place measures. If you are unfamiliar with the platform, let me know and I am happy to answer any questions. 

The group is donation-based, as I want to make this support accessible to all. Suggested donation (per couple/couple representative) is $1-$35 for each group, or $4-$140 for all 4 groups. Please pay what feels right for the two of you. 

About your facilitator:

Anna Mayer, MA, R-DMT, registered psychotherapist


I am a Somatic Psychotherapist and Sex and Intimacy Specialist. I hold a Masters Degree in Somatic Psychotherapy from Naropa University, ran intensive outpatient groups in a hospital during my graduate clinical internship, and now work in private practice with couples and individuals.  My approach to sex and relationship therapy is open-minded, sex-positive, and nonjudgmental. I am passionate about supporting people to find healing in all forms of relationships, including polyamorous and LGBTQIA relationships. Learn more about my embodied couples and sexuality therapy offerings here.

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