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Embodied Couples Counseling

& Sexuality Therapy

Relationships and sexuality can be sources of great joy and expansion in our lives, yet also can be full of struggle and pain. To help you move toward more authentic, joyful relating, I draw from my Master’s-level training in Somatic Counseling Psychology, effective approaches to communication, as well as my clinical training in Concentric Sex Therapy (as a staff therapist at Embodied Relationships Counseling Center).

In our work together, I will use a blend of somatic, contemplative, person-centered and sexology theories to support your growth. I will also draw on my clinical experience in adult mental health to explore any obstacles that may be blocking you from your fullest intimate expression. My approach is open-minded, sex-positive, and nonjudgmental. I am passionate about supporting people to find healing in all forms of relationships, including polyamorous and LGBTQIA relationships.

Ultimately, I trust you, my clients, to grow toward the sunlight. I believe in your capacity for healing, and I see my job as helping you ‘clean the windows’ so you can find your way toward the light. By connecting with your innate wisdom, you can begin to come into fuller contact with what it means for you to be a vibrant, healthy, conscious co-creator of your intimate relationships.

I would be honored to support your growth and healing in this way.
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